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The Artful Dodger II

Saturday, November 29, 2008



Well have finally got the fireplace working and hoping it will give the heat and warmth needed as we plan on heading off in nine months. With the Christmas season just a few weeks away, our plans are a trip home to say once again farewell, as we did almost four years earlier, but now it seems Karin has got the bug and this is the last winter she wishes to spend in the cold, and she has got my vote. Karin has decided to become the communications operator, so she will be taking a ham radio coarse, among other communication studies. Myself going to practice more of my cooking skills, which I might say are getting better, we got our pressure cooker now and we will see how that works. The to do list is large with things to do on the boat, food provisioning, storage areas and charts to show what's where, as well making final decisions on our own wardrobes all a fun thing, Karin still thinks that means lots of shoes and sandals. Butch he just wants to be sure he has lots of food and treats. We spend our weekends on the boat, with making the final leap April first, and yes that is April fools day but we aren't no fools here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great Deal

Got A Great Deal
I've been checking this fireplace out for a year and then the other day with realizing we will be living aboard again full time soon, that another source of heat would be good. So went into the sales person and asked if there was a better price than the 950 dollars posted on the unit as have noticed it had been on the shelf for better than a year. The sales clerk left and returned some 20 minutes later to say that they would let it go for a final sale of 500 dollars, as to which I said sold.
It took me just two days to find a 3 inch hole saw to borrow and Karin and I installed the unit as you can see in the picture tonight while it was lightly raining not to memtion it was dark out as well. With waiting for the batteries for the cordless screw driver to charge we finished the project in about an hour.
Tomorrow will install the electrics and propane. So guess if one waits long enough you can get a good deal.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick note

Quick Note

Just spent the weekend installing snow tires for a fund raiser for Daffodil House, was a real tire buster. And on another note this is the last weekend for Nascar. But the real reason for this post is to tell people to check in on Unfinished Busness a link here on my site and watch Bob finish his world trip around Cape Horn
Captain Bob

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Winter for Artful and Crew

Last Winter for Artful and Crew

Well one must say with trying to head out back in September 2005, its had its few delays, from Nova Scotia, to Newfoundland, but the days are counting down when we will finally push off from Halifax to Bermuda then strait south. With some days left before we leave, we still have a very big to do list, with also taking some sewing lessons in the New Year to do canvas work. Artful in it's self although still basically the same has had several small changes made to her from new sails, furlor to interior finishing designs, as well our SSB installation.

This fall has been full of down sizing and making list of clothing requirements, storage and charts showing where everything is to be found. Staying in Newfoundland has been a great learning experience close to the sea and gaining respect and learning how to read her. The locals have been great with them sharing their knowledge, on how the sea reacts after different winds and seas.

There has also been a great collection of friends made with foreign sailors, with the sharing of their knowledge, which has been very interesting, with some of things we have picked up. The only real exchange I've been able to provide is my knowledge with respect to engines and electronics. We have invites throught out the whole world to stop and visit, and I think it has been the compeltion of that which has given us a keener interest to get on.

Some real things which I've found very moving here in Newfoundland are firstly its people, they are such a for real people, their music and the national anthem, they are a very proud people, and even thou I'm a cfa I've been told by many that I'm a Newfoundlander now. When we do leave we will surely miss our time here.

This winter there will be a family from the USA spending their winter here tied up behind us, there is a father, mother and two young daughters, around 7 and 11 years of age, Their mother will be home schooling them, as she is a school teacher. For more on their story check out my link of family living aboard.

With Christmas not far away we have made plans to head on home and visit family and friends, as well get some things we know we will only get back home.

We will try and keep a little more on the updates, as well you will notice we have included a world map for people to show their locations so feel free to do so.

Patric, Karin and Butch