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The Artful Dodger II

Saturday, November 29, 2008



Well have finally got the fireplace working and hoping it will give the heat and warmth needed as we plan on heading off in nine months. With the Christmas season just a few weeks away, our plans are a trip home to say once again farewell, as we did almost four years earlier, but now it seems Karin has got the bug and this is the last winter she wishes to spend in the cold, and she has got my vote. Karin has decided to become the communications operator, so she will be taking a ham radio coarse, among other communication studies. Myself going to practice more of my cooking skills, which I might say are getting better, we got our pressure cooker now and we will see how that works. The to do list is large with things to do on the boat, food provisioning, storage areas and charts to show what's where, as well making final decisions on our own wardrobes all a fun thing, Karin still thinks that means lots of shoes and sandals. Butch he just wants to be sure he has lots of food and treats. We spend our weekends on the boat, with making the final leap April first, and yes that is April fools day but we aren't no fools here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great Deal

Got A Great Deal
I've been checking this fireplace out for a year and then the other day with realizing we will be living aboard again full time soon, that another source of heat would be good. So went into the sales person and asked if there was a better price than the 950 dollars posted on the unit as have noticed it had been on the shelf for better than a year. The sales clerk left and returned some 20 minutes later to say that they would let it go for a final sale of 500 dollars, as to which I said sold.
It took me just two days to find a 3 inch hole saw to borrow and Karin and I installed the unit as you can see in the picture tonight while it was lightly raining not to memtion it was dark out as well. With waiting for the batteries for the cordless screw driver to charge we finished the project in about an hour.
Tomorrow will install the electrics and propane. So guess if one waits long enough you can get a good deal.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick note

Quick Note

Just spent the weekend installing snow tires for a fund raiser for Daffodil House, was a real tire buster. And on another note this is the last weekend for Nascar. But the real reason for this post is to tell people to check in on Unfinished Busness a link here on my site and watch Bob finish his world trip around Cape Horn
Captain Bob

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Winter for Artful and Crew

Last Winter for Artful and Crew

Well one must say with trying to head out back in September 2005, its had its few delays, from Nova Scotia, to Newfoundland, but the days are counting down when we will finally push off from Halifax to Bermuda then strait south. With some days left before we leave, we still have a very big to do list, with also taking some sewing lessons in the New Year to do canvas work. Artful in it's self although still basically the same has had several small changes made to her from new sails, furlor to interior finishing designs, as well our SSB installation.

This fall has been full of down sizing and making list of clothing requirements, storage and charts showing where everything is to be found. Staying in Newfoundland has been a great learning experience close to the sea and gaining respect and learning how to read her. The locals have been great with them sharing their knowledge, on how the sea reacts after different winds and seas.

There has also been a great collection of friends made with foreign sailors, with the sharing of their knowledge, which has been very interesting, with some of things we have picked up. The only real exchange I've been able to provide is my knowledge with respect to engines and electronics. We have invites throught out the whole world to stop and visit, and I think it has been the compeltion of that which has given us a keener interest to get on.

Some real things which I've found very moving here in Newfoundland are firstly its people, they are such a for real people, their music and the national anthem, they are a very proud people, and even thou I'm a cfa I've been told by many that I'm a Newfoundlander now. When we do leave we will surely miss our time here.

This winter there will be a family from the USA spending their winter here tied up behind us, there is a father, mother and two young daughters, around 7 and 11 years of age, Their mother will be home schooling them, as she is a school teacher. For more on their story check out my link of family living aboard.

With Christmas not far away we have made plans to head on home and visit family and friends, as well get some things we know we will only get back home.

We will try and keep a little more on the updates, as well you will notice we have included a world map for people to show their locations so feel free to do so.

Patric, Karin and Butch

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Since last update

Here are some events of which have taken place since my last post

The picture here is of a Deer Foot design, Captained by Mark for the Lady owner out of Colorado, This is possibly the best boat I've ever been aboard. If I remeber this boat was about 66feet long and very bright inside, we were invited aboard for a dinner of Flemish stew which was mouth watering, very good cooking Mark.

Here are new friends of ours from Ottawa Nepean sailing club, we had a great time trying to see who we each knew back home and for sure it came down to a few, such as Richard, Randy, Nance, Vince, Gene the club manager, as well Ian, and of course must mention Doug and Cherry. It was a great time sitting enjoying the local beer of Quid Vidi and sharing about so many great things. Both Isabel and Frank have invited us to Portuagal to visit them in their winter home, one which is being taken under great consideration

This is a vessel from sweden which was trying to still make it across the pond but think will be wintering with us in the Quidi Vidi gute, he seems to be a chick magenet, so many different ladies coming and going.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Requested by John

Requested by John captain and owner of S/V Chelone

Hi Pat,

Had I realized you were going to post my email on your ‘blog’ I would have pointed out for others to see what a benefit it was to us ‘strangers in town’ to have been sought out by yourself in St.John’s Harbour and been ‘chauffeured’ around town in your car being given invaluable advice on local resources etc.
indeed we would never have known the existence of Quidi Vidi Harbour and met other great friends such as Peter (S/VTyhina) and Dave Fong (QV Brewery) not to mention the fresh Muffins and coffee for the entire crew purchased at your own expense that you so kindly brought to the boat that cold wet morning!

Right up to our last day when you helped us victual the boat Pat, filling your car to the roof to transport us and the supplies back and forth from the shopping mall, and taking those great ‘leaving harbour’ pictures you forwarded, you are the kind of person that any cruising sailor could only dream of encountering when arriving in a strange port and on behalf of myself and my crew, Thank you so much,

Please post this on your Blog, hopefully you will cross the ‘Pond’ some day, you and Karin would have a very warm welcome here in Saundersfoot, Wales,

Kindest Regards,


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

S/V Chelone

John Blair
I have included some pictures which John Blair sent me as well a copy of his email, he sent me the other day of is report on sailing home to Wales.

John Blair aboard his S/V Chelone

Hey Pat!

Sorry I’ve taken so long to write, the boat I use for my business here at home got badly damaged and I’ve been trying to sort it all out - back to reality with a bump!
Well, after we sailed from Quidi Vidi we had a bumpy 24 hrs but as forecast the wind direction soon became more favourable and remained so for the whole way across the 'Pond'.
The sky was grey and cloudy all the way across and we had some days with winds of 30 knots but on our quarter mostly so 'Chelone' just loved that! other days the wind was insufficient to maintain 5 knots so we would motorsail to keep our daily average over 120 miles. The weatherfax via SSB was fantastic and we were able to download surface pressure charts at all times, firstly from Boston and then Northwood (UK). After 3 days the mercury rose and we also felt the benefit of the Gulf Stream as predicted with an extra knot and a half in our favour.
In that first week I think we all felt the same in that we were heading further from the safety of land and increasingly vulnerable should stormy conditions arise but at the same time, 'Chelone' sailed so well we had full confidence she could cope with whatever came our way.
I was fortunate to have a great crew in Laurel, Steve and Chip, We all got on so well and of course this is so important. Having had the sail from Halifax gave us time to see if there were going to be any such issues as so commonly can be the case. We performed watches as pairs based around sharing the 6 hours of darkness, ie Laurel/Chip 2200/0100hrs, Steve/myself 0100/0400hrs and so on. Cooking duties performed together or otherwise, there was never a problem. There was plenty of food, indeed I reckon I could live aboard 'Chelone' right now for over a week without extra provision of any sort! Even the freshwater lasted out and we had no need to break into the reserve in the drums on deck. The Newfoundland Fruit Cake given so kindly by Dave and Paulette Fong was by far the best treat onboard and we savoured every slice with it only being presented during the ours of darkness!.
Apart from seeing Whales and Dolphins almost daily there was not a lot to report in the log apart from sea/weather observations, broken rudder on the Monitor Windvane was cut, drilled ,bolted thru and refitted, we lost a fender overboard, half way across (around 900nm) we enjoyed the only alcoholic beverage onboard and toasted our own achievement with some of the Quidi Vidi beer. (I have one bottle of 'Iceberg Beer' left that I will treasure).
Land was sighted on the 13th day and we sailed into Kinsale (SE Ireland) the day after that at 07.00hrs. We spent the day in Kinsale, a small, pretty harbour and had the obligatory pint of Guinness together that evening before slipping our berth for the final 24hr passage across the Irish Sea to Wales, a passage I have sailed many times myself that was a stroll compared to what we had just undertaken. British Customs were informed on our arrival but didn't come to see us and we were 'cleared in' by telephone, Immigration clearance for Laurel was the same story!
Laurel stayed with my brother and his family while I had some explaining to do to my girlfriend as to why I had another woman onboard the boat! (I had only told her about Laurel the day before in the phone call from Kinsale!) Explaining (and groveling) done I showed Laurel the sights around my home area before handing over to Chip who took her surfing, out on the Seal Safari boat and visit to Caldey Island. Laurel also spent a day with Steve before traveling to London and Catching the flight to Halifax where she immediately joined another boat with friends for another passage to the Bras D'or lakes!
Old friendships reinforced and new friends made, it's the cruising life for me Pat! I just want to get back to it but arriving home a month late to the busiest part of the summer season and a boat with five planks 'stove in' on her port beam (thankfully above her waterline) i have not had time for much else, now the weather has deteriorated so I can't work on her today and can focus on other things. 'Chelone' is languishing on a mooring 20 miles from me and I have only visited her a couple of times since our return, I have so many people to email! All the friends we met along the way, my friends and family here all want to sail on 'Chelone' too.
I wanted to write a 'personal' email to each and every person that we met and feel awful that I haven't done so yet.
My brother suggested today that I should have compiled a brief 'hello' email and mailed it to everyone on the list immediately on my arrival, of course he's right and with hindsight.....

Please accept my apologies for the delay in writing, I treasure your friendship and I sincerely hope you give me the opportunity to repay the hospitality shown to myself and my crew during our short stay.

I hope you like the pics, if they don't come thru right then don't hesitate to let me know and I'll send them some other way. Saw the posting on your blogg and have yet to email Peter we spoke on the SSB once or twice but the reception was very poor, we were glad to hear he’d made it safely to Greenland, sailing alone, truly hardcore!

For now,

Kindest Regards,


Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Crew

The Crew

Karin had come down Saturday to help out while I was working on Artful's bottom. She helped put on the bottom paint after I had sanded the complete bottom the day before.

We took a picture of her in front of the average fishing boat here, just to give you an idea of there size.

Here is Karin enjoying a sunny day on the forward deck, guiding me to drop anchor.

And here is butch, doing something he is good at resting.

Since returning from Feremuse and doing the boats bottom, have been meeting with more passing sail boats through St John's harbour. There was a Deer Foot boat 68 foot in length, a very beautiful sailboat. This boat was very bright inside with very light fixtures. Mark the Captain on the vessel, had brought the boat from the east coast of the US waiting for the owner who was arriving in a few weeks to sail the southern shores of Newfoundland. With helping Mark out with repairs to some of his gear and getting supplies, he asked if Karin and I would let him cook us a dinner in repayment for our generosity towards him. The dinner was really great, and both I and Karin learned a lot from Mark about sailing the Caribbean.

This was just one visit we've had of late with passing sailors, we've had many others.

The most exciting one is still to come, as there will be a family, father, mother and there two young daughters arriving in about two weeks to also spend the winter here. They live aboard a 30 foot sailboat. I've put their site on my favorite list check it out.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trip to Feremuse

The Trip to Feremuse
The trip to Feremuse was a 10 and half hour trip, all against the winds waves and current, what else could I expect. Well here's hoping the trip home will be much better, should have the wind at my back. I arrived 12:30 at night, tided up to the dock and caught some sleep. I was woken up at 5:30 by a crab boat leaving, then at 8 by Noel the Crane operator ready to lift Artful out. Come 9:30 I was busy cleaning Artful's bottom and sanding, this procedure was a whole day thing until about 7:30. Once finished I was wearing blue shoes from sanding a white hooded coverall with a slight blue shade, kind of look like a smurf, as Karin told me later.
Washing up was a job in it's self, as with not being able to use Arful's shower, I had to wash and bath in a bathroom sink, of which was a real production.
As I found myself very tired I decided to head to bed right after eating and catch some rest. Its was just 9:30 getting myself ready to lay down when I heard someone knocking on the hull. Checking it out I found Noel the crane operator asking me what was I up to, I replied heading to sleep. He in returned said nothing doing, he was there to gather me up and head off to his sister's pup. On arrival at the pub I found 6 women no men, and Noel instructing his sister to give some other girl friend of hers and call and her friend too. Well here I am me Noel 8 women and Noel's sister. Then the big surprise Noel had to leave at 10:30, well there I was like a chicken in the present of a pack of Foxes. Well must say that the evening was great, heard a lot of Newfie women tales, while we played pool. Got back to the boat where I caught a nights rest.

just click on the pictures to see a larger view

this is three years in the water, really didn't need to pull Artful

close look at Artful's butt

was something to see the prop so clean

after the power washing of the hull

The new look

come Monday morning Artful and I were placed back in the water by 8:30 and on our way. Although there was not much wind, it gave me a chance to use the new furlor, and see how it performs, along with enjoy the great day and sun. All the way home to the Gute I was entertained by whales playing, and watching puffins doing their thing as well. It took 8 hours as I tided up to the dock right at 4:30, and sun burnt.
I will end this post here but will have other reports in a few days of other things happening here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bottom Cleaning

Out of the water

Bottom Cleaning

Well cleaning of Artful's bottom went well, will give a complete update later, but here is a pic of the before, and the after will be on tomorrow. Once she was out of the water realized it reaaly didn't need to be done. After three years still working well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scenes Of St John's

Scenes of St John's
The following are scenes of St John's seen daily and pic's taken of on a regular bases. Thanks to Bob from Ottawa, who visited us here last week and shared what he saw four few days when he was here. He also got to The famous George Street, and met the kittens.
By clicking on the image you will see it in a larger view.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nice Days

View of St John's Narrows

St John's Water Front

Artful with new sails

Well the weather has been great these past 10 days or so. Have been checking out my new furlor and main stack pack sails. They sure work a lot different then the last set up. There are still lots of sail boat arriving, with all their destinations being north or Scotland and then some on to Norway. One fellow showed up with overheating engine, after checking a bit we were able to determine the heat exchanger was the fault. His crew member decided he couldn't stay any longer and so flew home to Norway. The chap now is staying here to fix his heat exchanger and wait the arrival of his son who will help him across the Atlantic. They asked if I would like to come along I declined.

At present have been finishing up a lot of small chores to the inside of the boat and getting ready to sail on down to Fermuse in 10 days and clean and paint the bottom of the boat.

As I sit here in Jungle Jim's writing this I realize that exactly one year from now will be getting ready for a mornings departure. I find my mind even now starting to deal with the departure with pondering the route and supplies and their storage. Its also at this time that several friends from Nepean Yacht club will be getting themselves ready for their trip this fall, four boats are going I believe.
Will have some updates with photos for the sail south and the work to be down on Artful's bottom.
Just a quick note to say that there are lots of Whales here now, and lots of fog. It was reported yesterday that a fishing boat ran into a catamaran
putting all eight in the water. They were rescued by the boat that hit them, and later transferred by the Coast Guard to St John's. They were hit off the Grand Banks in thick Fog. It was a French craft. It was also reported last night that a sail boat was also run into by a whale causing some damage, guess they were getting to close.
If anyone reading this, and gets a chance check out some of the sites I've listed that I view some great events happening, check out "Unfinished Business"

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sail Boats leaving

Sail Boats leaving
S/V Chelone
John Captain of the 38 foot Hans Christian, after spending 5 days in St John's, two of them in the St John's main harbour moved over to the Gute otherwise know as Quidi Vidi Harbour after I had invited them over, being there was a calm harbour, hydro, water and showers available, something not offered in the main harbour. We spent three days getting them ready for their trip across the northern Atlantic which could take anywhere from 14 to 19 days. The crew consisted of captain John two male mates and one female, Laura came aboard in Nova Scotia, out of the Armdale Yacht club, was very impressed with her seeming capabilities. They left on Sunday the 31st of June on the high tide.

S/V Tyhina
Peter seen here below leaving aboard Tyhina an aluminum 34ft sailboat for Greenland where he will meet his wife who will fly in from Australia near the end of July. Once they are both are aboard they will be setting out for their trip across the north of Canada through the North west passage. There is a good chance they will get froze in over winter and will wait it out until they are able to continue on to the west coast and British Columbia. Peter has spent 9 days here in St John's finishing up the repairs and such. Peter and I have been in touch since last year when we first met in St John's harbour. After sailing to Labrador, and back around the west coast of Newfoundland, he and his wife wintered the boat on the south coast and flew back home to Australia to work and earn money to continue their sailing dreams this year. Peter has been a great value of info in helping Karen and I understand how to read weather faxes, and starting to understand the workings of SSB. I'm sure going to miss his friendship, but we have made plans to both meet on the west coast of the Panama in 2010 when we should both arrive their about the same time.

Its been hard to not just get aboard Artful and head off on our voyage a year early, as we have helped and shared route's, watch plans with these departing sailors. As I was watching Peter sail away this morning at 6 am I felt a twinge of saddness in that there goes a great friend and really wishing I was going too. Although guess I'm not ready, have to learn how to use the new sails, SSB, and let Karin get her sailing legs and feel confident she will be ready, not also to forget that in November I have that Kidney operation. Today was NE winds at 15 knots and gusting to 30, rainy, just a down right shitty day weather wise. But aside from that one day closer to heading off.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Sailors Friends

New arriving Sailors



The above couple are on a quest to sail across the North Passage of Canada, I've included their link in the fellow sailors list at the side margin. There you will be able to watch their trip this year and see many posted pictures. These two lovely people are from Australia. Peter is right now finishing up the needed repairs and changes. Once finished he will head off this Friday to meet up with his wife in Greenland. I've been emailing Peter this past winter and staying in touch waiting for him to return, to continue their up coming trip this year. Peter has been helping us understand the Single side band, and many other things which will be of help to us once we head off.


Bob C

Captain Bob and Bob C are also from Australia, and they to are on a quest to sail in the North, so this Tuesday past a 6 in the morning they headed off. Bob is a ex Navy man, and has had quite an interesting life thus far. You can check out his site as well found in the side margin under other sailors, so stop by and have a look, he's a very interesting read, as well has pic's there as well.

Well it seems every day now there are arriving sailors from around the world. There is a Dutch chap here now in a steel ketch which he built himself, and I must say very impressive, and will enclose pictures soon. He sailed across the ocean from Wales to meet his wife here who will be arriving this weekend from Wales, and then they will sail home together. As many know I don't drink very much if any, but when on board Yan's boat with four other sailors he offered me a beer, which I passed on, as I don't drink beer never really acquired a taste for the stuff. But Yan offered me a little jigger of clear liquid, I would just say it was like drinking fire.

There also has arrived another chap from Wales, who has bought a Hans Christan boat in the United States and sailing it back home via Newfoundland as well to Wales.

I make it a daily thing to see who has arrived at the docks and chat them up and hear their stories, as well to see if there is anything else we can learn.

I will continue to give updates of other arrivals and their sites so you to can follow their adventures.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Weather

The Weather

berg close up

the opening is blocked with an iceberg

The weather thus far has not been the best, while Ottawa is enjoying temps of 20's plus, its not so here. We might have a day or two in the low signal digits, but lots of RDF, know as rain drizzle and fog. This weather is also making one realize your age, with all kinds of aches and pains, due to dampness is what I'm chalking it up too.

With a small update the new sails and furler are on order, as well other new things which I will show pic's of and post updates.

There are also sailing vessels now starting to arrive, so will have follow ups on them as well pic's.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well winter is well over but temperatures not getting any warmer with spring here and summer just a few days away. There has been much going on since last here, one in particular was the attack of the kidney stones, with three trips to hospital, over a 4 week period, was not fun.

With now a little more than just a year left before we head off, on hopefully a five year trip around our world. Five years seems to be the norm for such a trip with all the times one has to wait out the seasons in different parts of the world.

We are making some changes to the boat this spring and summer, with the edition of a forward furler, and a new mail sail having a stack pack, which will be easier to sail the boat and present more safety. Also taking this time to finish up the interior of the boat, completing the forward clothing storage, anchor locker as well the last hatch in the cock pit. Once these chores are finished boat is ready, except for a haul out and cleaning of Artful's bottom sometime in July in Fermuse.