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The Artful Dodger II

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trip to Feremuse

The Trip to Feremuse
The trip to Feremuse was a 10 and half hour trip, all against the winds waves and current, what else could I expect. Well here's hoping the trip home will be much better, should have the wind at my back. I arrived 12:30 at night, tided up to the dock and caught some sleep. I was woken up at 5:30 by a crab boat leaving, then at 8 by Noel the Crane operator ready to lift Artful out. Come 9:30 I was busy cleaning Artful's bottom and sanding, this procedure was a whole day thing until about 7:30. Once finished I was wearing blue shoes from sanding a white hooded coverall with a slight blue shade, kind of look like a smurf, as Karin told me later.
Washing up was a job in it's self, as with not being able to use Arful's shower, I had to wash and bath in a bathroom sink, of which was a real production.
As I found myself very tired I decided to head to bed right after eating and catch some rest. Its was just 9:30 getting myself ready to lay down when I heard someone knocking on the hull. Checking it out I found Noel the crane operator asking me what was I up to, I replied heading to sleep. He in returned said nothing doing, he was there to gather me up and head off to his sister's pup. On arrival at the pub I found 6 women no men, and Noel instructing his sister to give some other girl friend of hers and call and her friend too. Well here I am me Noel 8 women and Noel's sister. Then the big surprise Noel had to leave at 10:30, well there I was like a chicken in the present of a pack of Foxes. Well must say that the evening was great, heard a lot of Newfie women tales, while we played pool. Got back to the boat where I caught a nights rest.

just click on the pictures to see a larger view

this is three years in the water, really didn't need to pull Artful

close look at Artful's butt

was something to see the prop so clean

after the power washing of the hull

The new look

come Monday morning Artful and I were placed back in the water by 8:30 and on our way. Although there was not much wind, it gave me a chance to use the new furlor, and see how it performs, along with enjoy the great day and sun. All the way home to the Gute I was entertained by whales playing, and watching puffins doing their thing as well. It took 8 hours as I tided up to the dock right at 4:30, and sun burnt.
I will end this post here but will have other reports in a few days of other things happening here.

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