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The Artful Dodger II

Monday, March 30, 2009

Back Aboard

Back Aboard
This is just a quick update to say after a weekend of leaving the small apartment we are now back aboard, with some serious down sizing to be down by us, but would say mostly by Karin. First night was great rocked to sleep with the winds around 35 to 40 knots, but still was calm. Will have a further updates later this week, as we are also just about finished our cockpit enclosure, as well now storing all our gear, and more shoes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Adjusting for living back aboard

Karin being the tourist as Randy says she is, but moving back aboard is a big adjustment for Karin one which will be for the next 5 years, so she is being an optimist, finding her comfort zone, and seems she is doing it quite well.

Slowly I'm getting back to re acquainting myself with my galley, and where everything belongs, but the food we cook on board tastes so much better.

This is my galley, still trying to remember how I juggled everything but I'm getting the hang again

Here is our communications station, as well Randy's berth for when he sails with us from Halifax to Bermuda and then on to the BVI's as Goosie has given us permission to let him while she is not aboard.

Now for a few updates on things, both Karin and I passed our VHF coarse, both got the same mark, as well we both got the same questions wrong after we compared our exam results. At present we are about 2/3rds of the way through our ham coarse, which appears will finish sooner than we thought as we have been attending classes on Saturdays as well.
With all the planning we've been making for moving aboard there is always some bumps in the road, and with that we have come up against one we thought won't be a problem, and that was having made plans for showers, seems those plan are not happen so we will find another route, guess I'm joining a GYM

Other changes in the works have been the purchase of a new VHF radio, having DSC, along with GPS. Ordering our A/T 130 tuner for our single side ban radio, which once it arrives the task will begin to set it all up including an antenna on our back stay. That just leaves us to get our EPRIB with GPS and our new 2000 watt Honda generator. Then the big task will begin with compiling our stores and supplies list and where to store then as well how and in what.

Karin to give us a break has got some tickets for a Neil Young concert, which should give us a little break.

If anyone has any questions you can reach us at

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slowly moving back

Slowly Moving Back

Nice warm Fireplace

Karin Studing for VHF Exam

Karin having a tear over her her first meal back aboard

Patric slaving over first dinner back aboard

Well we are in the process of moving back aboard, with today having me cooking our first dinner on board. It was a real treat to be back in my galley using my stove and all the other neat things.
Over the last few weeks we have been taking and studying for our Ham license, not to mention also doing our VHF course as well. There has been a lot of studying and testing each other with questions. One of us has to get a 80% mark so we can use the HF frequency's.
We have also decided to close in our cock pit for when we are back aboard to have an extra room, this is going to be a great added addition for our living aboard life. As one can also notice the days are ticking down, and our minds are shifting to all our preparations to be made, the list are made and we are adjusting the storage's for the supplies we are planning to take with us.
Will end it here for now and will be back with some more up dates soon, also have been getting emails from other sailors on there way here this summer, and so far there are nine, two of which are considering wintering here in the Quidi Vidi harbour tied to the Brewery.