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The Artful Dodger II

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sail Boats leaving

Sail Boats leaving
S/V Chelone
John Captain of the 38 foot Hans Christian, after spending 5 days in St John's, two of them in the St John's main harbour moved over to the Gute otherwise know as Quidi Vidi Harbour after I had invited them over, being there was a calm harbour, hydro, water and showers available, something not offered in the main harbour. We spent three days getting them ready for their trip across the northern Atlantic which could take anywhere from 14 to 19 days. The crew consisted of captain John two male mates and one female, Laura came aboard in Nova Scotia, out of the Armdale Yacht club, was very impressed with her seeming capabilities. They left on Sunday the 31st of June on the high tide.

S/V Tyhina
Peter seen here below leaving aboard Tyhina an aluminum 34ft sailboat for Greenland where he will meet his wife who will fly in from Australia near the end of July. Once they are both are aboard they will be setting out for their trip across the north of Canada through the North west passage. There is a good chance they will get froze in over winter and will wait it out until they are able to continue on to the west coast and British Columbia. Peter has spent 9 days here in St John's finishing up the repairs and such. Peter and I have been in touch since last year when we first met in St John's harbour. After sailing to Labrador, and back around the west coast of Newfoundland, he and his wife wintered the boat on the south coast and flew back home to Australia to work and earn money to continue their sailing dreams this year. Peter has been a great value of info in helping Karen and I understand how to read weather faxes, and starting to understand the workings of SSB. I'm sure going to miss his friendship, but we have made plans to both meet on the west coast of the Panama in 2010 when we should both arrive their about the same time.

Its been hard to not just get aboard Artful and head off on our voyage a year early, as we have helped and shared route's, watch plans with these departing sailors. As I was watching Peter sail away this morning at 6 am I felt a twinge of saddness in that there goes a great friend and really wishing I was going too. Although guess I'm not ready, have to learn how to use the new sails, SSB, and let Karin get her sailing legs and feel confident she will be ready, not also to forget that in November I have that Kidney operation. Today was NE winds at 15 knots and gusting to 30, rainy, just a down right shitty day weather wise. But aside from that one day closer to heading off.

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