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The Artful Dodger II

Friday, January 2, 2009

The New Year 2009

The New Year 2009

Quick Sand

The year has arrived for our departure and from now until we release the dock lines many things have to take place, from projects on our to do lists of storage, provisioning, making the interior of Artful home, as well with attending classes for our canvas sewing to getting our Ham license, and yet all this to be done in a 193 days.

With missing many of our friends and family we decided to head on home for the season and get our fix. With my family living in the Barrie area it was going to be hard to get that done, as with the winter storms and bus strike in Ottawa, making there were none if any cars to rent. When I think on it its been a few years since I've seen my mom and although I talk with her often its not the same. So the way I've decided to correct that is my mom's Christmas next year will be with us in the BVI's along with Karin's mom.

We had a list of things we wished to do when we got home and I must say we got them all except one which will happen today, and that is enjoying a dinner at Baton Rouge. We also were able to see our favorite band Quick Sand although bongo Mike wasn't there, catch up with Laura and Graham, Ian and Sharon who were home from their trips on their boats headings south. Was able to have breakfast at Ralph's, and Ada's, and a great dinner at El Maison. The high light of our visit home besides being with family was catching up with our sailing family at the New year's party at our home sailing club Nepean Sailing Club.

So with the holiday nearing its end we look forward to getting on with our quest, and I know some say its not always good to set a detailed plan but then one has to have some sort of idea of what they are up to, so we are saying this is what we hope to be up to doing.

On or near Thanksgiving 2009 from Halifax harbour to set sail for Bermuda, which should take from 7 to 10 days, with a short stay of a few days then on to The British Virgin Islands which will be from 8 to 12 days, then hang out in the Carb for a year and a half, now if that gets accomplished then we will fill in the next leg which with a little hint means going through the Panama Canal.

So with all that said we wish everyone friends and family a very Merry and Happy New Year, with the thought that you only live once, and only get to go around once, so don't leave your dreams and wishes to long or they will pass you by.

(our sailing buddy)

with all our love

Patric, Karin
Butch (cat)

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