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The Artful Dodger II

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out for a stroll

Out For Stroll

Well finally got out for a stroll, weather was the best kind today, just RDF as all, which means rain, drizzle and fog, a common occurrence here on the rock. Well we've been aboard a week now and still have lots to due. The cock pit is slowly getting closed in as you will see in the following pictures. We've also put back the sails as well, seeing we have just a hundred days left before we head permanently out the gut and on our way into our five year trek around the globe.

And here she is the princess in my life Karin doing what Karin does best being the true tourist, she makes life interesting I must say. Karin has been spending all of her spare time studying for the ham coarse, seeing she will be communications officer, she must get 80% and trust me she is studying. All I here is what is this electronics's about, volts, amps, resistance, power, kilohertz, and so on, in her frustration she says all I have to do is turn it on push the button and speak May Day, May Day, May Day, three times and I will be saved, but then I say to her but sweetie what frequency, and then puts her head back to the books.

Well there she sits Artful, have turned her around after the winter's weather and starting to clean her up for future sailing shake downs

As one can see the cockpit is getting closed in slowly, and none to so, Pat from United sails has been working very hard at making everything work just perfect, spending many trips and back and forth to the boat, measuring and thinking of how it will all come together. I must say that he is a great chap with a great attitude towards the whole thing, as I usually am always in the way but he hasn't given me any remarks about being in the way. At the end of the day he usually walks down from his place just up the hill to check and see what we think and inform us of his next step, great communications I must say , Pat is going to go a long way.

Here is another view of the enclosure, also the boats around Artful, the boat in front of us has a family aboard, Mother, Father, and two young daughters, my praises are good on them for living all winter in such a small pace, which is smaller than ours, by at least half. DJ Tours boat is behind us and it seems they are getting her ready as even this picture has been taken for a special tour for Neil Young on Monday or Tuesday, not sure which but will guess it will be a great place to be if one is interested in seeing Neil Young. For ourselves we will see him in concert Tuesday evening.

What you are seeing here is the basin just before you enter the entrance to Quidi Vidi Harbour otherwise know as the gut.

Its from this view one is able to see the inner portion of the Quidi Vidi Harbour

This view is of the Quidi Vidi gut or entrance, at low tide one with a draft of 4 feet could make it but not advisable, better when high tide then a boat with 6 and a half feet will be fine. Its also very calm today, usually there is a sea on.

And here people is the view of which will be so sweet in 100 days when we and Artful head out on our trek. If you click on the pictures you can get a larger view.

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