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The Artful Dodger II

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preparations Getting On

Preparations Getting On

Well as one can see in the picture the deck is all amiss, as we are sanding and varnishing the toe rail. We are also trying to think of some way to have the two extra propane tanks stay on the deck between the mast, as the dingy will be just in front of them. The weather has been great this spring, almost one would think you weren't in Newfoundland. With this weather we have been able to get on with our to do list.

We have yet to set the main as the weather or wind as is the case just when we get ready swings around and works against us. When that happens we get back to our big to do list which is getting some major attention.

One such project of which has been taken care of is the removal of the steering ram and having it rebuilt. The engine has had its pre trip preparation performed and its now running like a well oil sewing machine.

Here in the picture from the rear of Artful the rear entrance has been made, as this will be our main access to our boat in the near future. There has been screens installed in the enclosure with zip out windows for fresh air. As one can see little Dodger is ready to go as well, the out board all having been serviced.

There I finished installing the new VHF radio today, having to open the opening where the previous one was. The new VHF has DSC features and MMSI as well, have to wire in the NMEA connections, to give us GPS reading and other features as well all of which we are sifting through.

Just above the VHF is our SSB radio of which the wiring has been done to hook it to the AT 130 tuner, just have to wire in the grounds and power connections. And yes right beside that is Butch's bathroom, which I must say has been working very well with cleaning it every day. Speaking of Butch, one night a few days ago I got up at 12:30 at night and got a drink, at that time Butch was spread out snoring. When I got up at 5am to get ready for work found the hatch open couldn't remember opening but then I realized there was no Butch, quickly checking through out the boat, no cat to be found. Rushing I went out into the cock pit and on deck still no Butch, then I had the bad thought he got off or fell in and drowned. Thinking i missed something I went out side to check again and still no Butch, back in side I woke Karin to tell her when I heard this thump on the deck and as I went out to check Butch came rushing in. We weren't sure where he was but we suspected he had got off and on to the dock but not sure. A few days later caught him again gone and found him getting back aboard from under the dock and all its piles of rocks, needles to say we now watch Butch like a hawk.

Now here one can see the addition of our new stove which has taken about a week to get everything working properly, seems the BEP propane gas regulator was supplying to much fuel pressure blowing out the oven flame. After checking the orifice for a problem and talking with the Force 10 company was able to determine the problem, have since installed a new regulator at the stove and is working properly. Knowing propane as I do even though have been assured that the location of the new regulator is okay will be relocating to the propane locker in a few days.

The last few weeks have let us get back into our routine of living aboard and adjusting to our living space. Other than Butch snoring all the time things have worked well. In the upcoming weeks we still have to register the boat and get our MMSI number, as well start working on our supply list for food and spare parts, all of which should be cause for a few active discussion, as I know shoes are in there some where. Now also going to get in to a route of reporting weekly here to get ready for when we head off to be swing of keeping daily reports. We are also soon going to have a map of Artful's position, so everyone can see where we are at as well heading.

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