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The Artful Dodger II

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Departure Date

New Departure Date

Well its official we have had to set back our departure date until the 10 of September, and of this moment that is 65 days away. The reason is so that we can get some important business taken care of and see Doctors for appointments which have taken near a year to get. Once these are out of the way by the first of September we will then be off. We will leave the gute on the Saturday of 12 of September, sail over to St John's main harbour and stay until the 14th as will not be leaving on the 13th. Our hope is to sail to Fermuse, spend the night there, then at first light around 5 in the morning put out for Cape Breton which should takes us about three days an a bit. This will be our first real test on making everything work. Then with this out of the way we will be sailing through the Canso strait on to PEI to see Karin's father Fred. After a wee visit with Fred and Rose we will then sail on down to Halifax, with a few stops in between to practise our anchoring and Karin being the helmsman. With an arrival of early October we hope then to have Karin's mother come out and visit with us for a few days before we push off for Bermuda somewhere around the 19th or 20th. We will have about a three week window to make this trip, but if the weather does not work out we will winter in Halifax and set off in the early spring. So as one can read we have some interesting and exciting times a head of us in the next few months.

Karin has always ask why I have never put pictures of family on our blog so thought that had better listen and show some so over the next few post will introduce some of our families.

In this pic is Karin's father experienced skipper watching the younger rookie skipper and giving some pointer's. There is a very interesting story about Fred's sail boat and how it came to Canada, and will share that in an up coming post.

In this pic you can see how I do my late watches, as it seems Karin took this picture back in 2005 when we were coming out the St Lawrence early one morning, it was cool that morning and I said I was just trying to stay warm, I wasn't sleeping.
This smiling young lady is Karin's Daughter Jessica who plays a big part in our lives as we try to keep up to date with her life. It seems to be always new an exciting, I must say though she is special and will also be in Halifax for a quick visit as well to see us off. She will be driving her Grandmother back to Ottawa after her visit with us.

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