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The Artful Dodger II

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Holidays

Karin and I went home for Christmas to see my mom and her's as well, and as well many of our great friends and some family members, with a few surprises. I'm sure some who see theses pictures will just see them as family and friends yet for some who know us will have a few surprises and no doubt questions.

We must say that Butch here is our great pal and bud spent Christmas at a cat spa, he is here trying to fit into his grand mother's suit case to head back to Ottawa.

This little sweet dear is my grand daughter

This young couple is my son-in-law Dale and my daughter,


Here we have Jessica, Karin's daughter who celebrated her birthday on the 24th of Dec and her mom Gossie as we call her, both very special to us.

These two fellows are Karin's son Shawn and her father Fred, two very great guys and also special to both of us.

In this picture you have me, (Patric), Karin and our very best friend Richard. Richard is a Pilot with a major Air line and single as well, has a great boat, runs marathons, skis, and if there are any ladies out there who wish to know more drop us a line, as he would be a great catch.

This pic is of the two most important ladies in my life Karin my love, and Lily my mom. Its been almost 7 years since I had seen my mom, and that's not good as a son but will be correcting that in the future.

Here I am with my mom who has been the best mom in the world always there for all the times of which I've needed her, and that always seems to be when ever I got home, but this year was different it was to have her meet Karin and then maybe have Karin understand a little more about me as well.

Love you mom and your the best.

When ever we are back in Ottawa we always make a trip to our most favorite restaurant, El Meson, here we have Gossie and the three waiters, and once more another great meal.

Over the years of being in Ottawa I always go to a little restaurant and have some breakfast and there would be Jazz our great friend. With becoming great pals and friends we try to get together. Although now she works for Cora's we make sure to always have a visit. We wish you the best with your new venture in the new year Jazz.

This fine couple are the owner's of Ada's dinner where we met Jazz, must say they have a great breakfast, one that if you haven't had while in Ottawa it's worth checking out. They are on Bank Street.

With Christmas over and the New Year just a couple a days away, Karin and I have some schooling to do in the new year for a few weeks, and start getting ready for our spring departure.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year, and good health.

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