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The Artful Dodger II

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving Along

Atrful just off Dave and Mary Fran's and the boat house at anchor.

This one of the many sunsets we have been enjoying as we head on our way

S/V Evening Star

Horse pulls at the Bridgewater fair

Horses waiting for their turn at the heavy weight pulls

The Boat House just off where we were anchored for 10 days

Dave, Mary Fran, and Hector

Hector on dock patrol

and here is my better have resting after such hard work

Since our return of our failed attempt to head to the Azores we have been busy. We spent our first night back in Sandy Cove then moved on over to Chester for a day to see what would be our plan. We settled on heading on over to the Lehave river and see some people that Mic and Bee said we should call on, Dave, Mary Fran, and Hector, at the boat house. Once we arrived and I went ashore I thought I was looking for three people but just two person and their dog Hector. The LeHave river has a rust colour to it caused by the source of the river. Once settled just off the boat house and with great people like Dave and Mary Fran we set about getting things fixed. Firstly the auto pilot and GPS. It took a week of calls to Raymarine and leaving message on machines, and with the help of the receptionist, to finally get someone to hear my end and do something. The next trick which we felt would be to just have it delivered and pick up, this too turned into an ordeal as it seems the company DHL have very poor service and don't like going where there is construction. It took them 4 days to deliver the package after they had received it in Halifax. All the while this was going on I was repairing the out board 2 1/2 Yamaha it had carburation problems. During our 10 day stay with Dave and Fran we were invited to the Lunenburg yacht club for their Friday night free dinner, it was mussels with ceasar salad, followed with large chocolate cookies for dessert, it was a real great feast.

It was just as we were just about ready to head on that the Bridgewater fair was starting so we decided to head on to the dock in Bridgewater to take in the fair. Must say this was a true country fair there were more animal barns, with horses of all sizes, oxen, sheep, pigs and every fowl bird of the barn yard you could think of then there were rides or games. The horse pulls were very impressive, but the one attraction of which we got the greatest kick out of was the teams made up from the spectators who were to catch a yearling and put a rope halter on. One fellow tried to grap the yearling by the neck and put him to the ground NOT, what a sight it was and hillarous as well, in the end a young girl and older chap were the winners.

The next morning after the fair we headed out to drop the hook at the entrance of the Lahave river just past the famous Lehave backery. A point I wish to pass along here is that ever since we purchased our wifi antenna, we have been able to enjoy Internet service every where picking up signals which are up to 5 miles away.

Come Sunday morning we headed on out to our next anchorage at Port Medway harbour. We have decided to make short hops on down the coast so we can explore at each anchorage. This stop brought a visit to a very small spot but one could get a near four scoop of ice cream on a cone for 1.99, great buy. With us on the hook I was very excited to have another boat show up and drop the hook. After they were settled I headed on over to say hello, which followed a get together with both Karin and I on their yacht. The couple of Fran and Dean had just made their way up from Maine with their new to them sail boat Evening Star 36ft Bristol. It was very interesting to find out that they were from Ontario and from my old neck of the woods Georgian bay area. It seems they were on their way to Lunenburg to meet with their son and daughter who had brought out their car from Ontario. I learned they planned on leaving their boat in the Lunenburg area for the winter then return and see some of the coast before they took their sail boat back home either the follow year or next.

Up early in the morning found me waving good bye to Evening Star and it's crew, just before we gathered ourselves together to head on over to our next ancjorage Liverpool. With another short hop it was not to bad but as usaul we had the wind and waves on our nose. Once in Liverpool we check it out but found nothing there for stopping so headed over to Herring Cove and Brooklyn Marine. With watching the weather we could see in a few days there was going to be some bad weather so after one night on a mooring ball the decision was to make for Port Mouton the next day and wait out the weather. After our morning showers and readying to get on our way we were to learn that a sailboat had been towed in during the night due to loss of their engine. S/V Northern Symphony with mom dad and two daughters who were on their way south via the east coast route with stops in Maine and on, found themselves now sorting out their problems with the engine. I offered to help but it seems the father knows what the problem is and was sorting it out.

Once again moving on to our next port we were with the wind straight on our nose. Venturing into the Port Mouton harbour we were to learn that, that was all it was, was a port for boats, the nearest store was 4 klms away, of which we walked to. Here we have decided to stay until at least Friday while we wait for the storm warnings to pass, and get some more things off our list of jobs to do. Just to comment on the list it always seems there is something to do or one learns that there is a better way to do something or store something, as so it is with these things that keeps a list always growing.

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