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The Artful Dodger II

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We made it

We Made it

Well we made it finally, after almost 7 months since we left ST John's Newfoundland we are here and at anchor in Miami, waiting for our weather window which looks will be the weekend of Dec the 11th. Its been a very long trip, with a lot of exciting moments, along with many fellow boaters heading south. Everyone always shares where they are off too and we now have settled with the comment that we are just heading to our next port. When we left Shelburne there were 5 boats and as we have been cruising along we have lost a few and gain a few. With arrival in Miami we are here with just one boat we left with from Shelburne, and that is Firecrest. We've experienced everything from winds, waves, currents and bridges. I would say that the most hardest thing was the speed boats, there are a lot of considerate once but just as many jerks. If the USA is in trouble financially we sure didn't see it, there are homes and boats which deify logic. This country must exist on credit.

Karin and I have talked about where we are going and when we might go back home, Karin's thoughts are she is where she wants to be and enjoys the weather and seeing the sights. Right now Karin has gone window shopping while I sit and update our blog since from about three months ago. Internet access has been there but not very good connections , while every time I start an update I loose my connection and then have to start over.

I find now too that I have to been at peace with myself and learning to enjoy things around me. I would like to pass along a thought and not sure how some will view it but, there once was a point in my past life where I was very religious, this trip has found me reflecting on those times, as well ask my dear Lord to keep us save, and as time has past I've been able to see he hasn't just protected us but shown us how to do it. On that subject will leave it there for now and possibly share later some of the times.

I know Christmas is just around the door, and here it does not seem real. no snow and things which represent Christmas to the both of us, but there are boat parades instead of street parades. Over the next few days before our departure we will refit with stores clean the boat and ready ourselves for our crossing.

I will to try and be a little more diligent in keeping the blog updated.

With that I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. With special thoughts going out to My mom, Karin's mom and father as well Rose with also remembering Stephane her brother, Karin's two kids Shawn and Jessica, My brothers Eric, Carl with thoughts of Sam and yes we will get a pirate's flag and send you a picture, Richard, my sisters Lily and my special sister Caroline. There are many friends who we think of at this time and wish which we could see but you know whom you all are and we wish you all the best of the season with our Love and God's blessing

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Patric, Karin and Butch


  1. Hi Patrick & Karen,

    Congratulations on having reached Miami safely. Lots of motoring I suspect… Anyway, it is great to see that you are living your dream. All the best from Bernie and I. I will continue to monitor your movements with a lot of interest.

    Merry Christmas, Healthy & Happy New Year!

    Maurice and Bernie
    Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

  2. Heh, Capn Pat and his beautiful side kick Karin.
    So very happy to have read your update, I have tried to contact you a few times on facebook and email but this is much easier. We shall be following you next July. By this time next year we will be waiting for our window of opportunity to make the crossing to the Bahamas.

    Doug and I wish you a safe crossing and a very merry Xmas.

  3. So happy to hear all is well and you are now safe in Florida, been trying to get hold of you.

    Doug and I wish you both a safe trip across to the Bahamas and we will be catching you up soon. Leaving in July, heading out to Halifax.

    Merry Xmas to you both Cherry and Doug